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About Dawn

Abuse Recovery Issues for Weight Loss

Dawn Smith Soul Whisperer!

My Cat’s Smarter Than Your Therapist!  Instincts Solving Anything!


When it comes to leading edge human potential, that’s what I’m most passionate about!

Hmm…been there, done that, got the t-shirt and burned the t-shirt on how to get balanced regarding  abuse recovery issues.  Issues are my “thing.”  I’m the Soul Whisperer of problem solving!  Assisting through the awesome use of instincts to raise consciousness and to have anyone get more of what is wanted in life in spite of whatever issues or seeming obstacles are in the way is my goal.

My gift is being able to teach others how to move toward the fun in life.  I’m equally gifted at standing in life’s traumas, pointing to the exits and leading the way out!

Soul Whispering, my intuitive reading or personal counseling style of work,  came about over the course of my life, while going through my own abuse recovery and weight issues.  As a lifelong clairaudient and empath I honed my skills as a professional listener.  The tools of the healer, teacher and messenger remain my most cherished gifts in aligning with clients and students.

Weight loss savvy or issues literate – my background ROCKS!

Many years of education in a variety of courses such as Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and more add to what I bring as a Spiritual Medium and Life Coach.  A continuous study in personal development rounds out my unorthodox skill set.  As I said, “Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt…”

My background is particularly geared for those who feel stuck, have tried different approaches, and still haven’t been satisfied getting where or what they want.  I bring better and faster results.  Issues around recovery can be so frustrating, especially when there’s little or no hope for change.  That’s where I come in, and make a big difference!

Soul Whispering Intuitive Counseling

Although today my work is very successful, my growing up years were anything but and caused me grief well into my early adult years.  Regarding weight, for example, I can still hear my mother saying in front of her friends, “Oh, she’s getting so big!”  I wanted to disappear!  I was so embarrassed!  Fortunately as an adult I discovered a particular secret that helped me be successful on my own terms with any issue and to be able to find peace and joy regardless of the situation.  Since then, I’ve been helping others to find their own progress, peace and joy.

Before the change…

It really was my desire to do something great with my life and become someone special.  I often felt stuck though, and fearful life would never work out.  I had a terrible time keeping weight off and also struggled with physical, substance and emotional abuse along with a constant battle of fear of rejection.

Navigating invaluable insights!

Other challenges plagued me.  Over time I lost everything and become homeless to where I had to pull myself up by my own bootstraps into recovery.  Being homeless or overcoming addiction I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies!  Surviving those circumstances was one thing.  Dealing with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that came afterward was another whole ball of wax to figure out.  The worst part was feeling I couldn’t or didn’t know how to fix it.

Not quit globe trekking, but close…

Moving nearly every year in being raised in an Air Force military family became another test to find balance and to learn to be grounded.  In and out of countless schools I finally graduated high school in Germany.  I’d nearly already gained vagabond status right off the bat for I was almost born in Alaska except for my family transferred at that time.  We landed in Texas where I popped out, but we were only there  for two weeks!

Suppose this happened after your wedding day!

Marriage came along right out of high school and I moved with my new husband to his home town, Los Angeles.  Imagine being so young and newly wed only to be frighteningly awakened one morning by a major southern California earthquake!  Well things kept shaking for me from there on out!

How’s that workin’…

Three months after getting married we happily started our family.  By the age of twenty two I was a stay-at-home mom with two children.  Although I’d gained seventy five pounds during my second pregnancy, I’d lost that weight, but nothing changed about my constant obsession over whatever size I was.  Our marriage became troubled and eventually dissolved into divorce to where I had to strike out on my own, which was really scary.  I had no real life experience, no career skills and suddenly had to come up with something quick!  I fibbed my way into my first job as a secretary by boasting of being able to type twenty words a minute!  Okay, as the famous TV psychologist Dr. Phil’s whimsical quip goes, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”  Well, it wasn’t!

Happy Chaos From Punky To Parenting And My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures In Between

Now you begin to see how my beginning adult life was very challenging!  I keep my past as an open story in hopes it might serve, touch, or assist anyone suffering such confusing circumstances.  I’m pleased to say I’ve been blessed along the way with two children, four grandchildren, and a miraculous path of recovery that includes the gift of twenty five plus years of sobriety.

A secret is discovered and a passion is born!

As things began turning out more the way I wanted, I began showing others how they could do the same.  My passion became an obsession to bring the secret of how to achieve and keep a successful recovery and joy filled life to others.  I’ve tried it all, and found things very much come down to healing our relationships and finding harmony as much as possible with everything around us.

Daring to be great and making that bigger contribution…

At times the difficulty can simply be that whole “showing up” thing that can be a challenge, especially after I’d invested a lifetime hiding or trying to be invisible -  just some of the inner demons of my issues!  My biggest thrill and what I enjoy most is my deep desire to make a positive difference around me.

It turns out my wish from when I was a young person to do something great with my life and become someone special did come true.  I’m blessed to now help others.  I’m free to make the bigger contribution I always knew I was meant to make!

Did you ever see a telegram from your heart?

My reputation has spread over time as being one of the best for understanding life’s issues, weight maintenance and abuse recovery, but my skills don’t end there.  Whether it’s love, health, career, money, or making peace in important relationships, my finger’s on the pulse for getting issues unstuck in order to get the real joy and peace back in the picture of what ideal living can be.

My life has been a road map of connecting the dots and discovering I’m happiest when being of service at a speaking engagement, teaching a meditation class, or in a healing touch one-on-one Intuitive Counseling session.

Now, it’s your turn!

What’s your story?  How have issues been stuck for you?  What’s your dream life look like?  Step up and begin now to press into the accelerator putting it all on the front burner to start getting more of what you want in life!